Why a Leipzig Women*FLINTA Festival 2024?

We join forces and fight for a just future! We stand against all forms of patriarchal violence and any form of discrimination based on origin, age, and socio-economic status.

Our goal is to overcome violence!

In solidarity, we stand against any form of violence against women*, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender persons (FLINTA)!

Solidarity in times of pandemics, wars, and climate crises is essential! We advocate for a conscious shaping of a shared future where we all have equal rights and opportunities.

War represents the utmost form of violence. Women, girls, FLINTA, MINTA and queer people are particularly vulnerable. They face heightened threats in conflict zones and during displacement. We call for support for those currently suffering the consequences.

We stand in solidarity with nations whose right to existence is denied, promoting dialogue towards a human, peaceful, and violence-free coexistence.

Connecting struggles! We advocate for open dialogue to collectively articulate clear demands.

Feminism has many faces – the diversity of feminist movements is an asset. By respectfully and appreciatively engaging in discussions, we can collectively evolve and counter divisions.

We share perspectives, knowledge, and experiences! Our diversity is our strength.

Not all of us do have the same conditions in society. As women and FLINTA, we face sexist discriminations and practices. Those include multiple forms of discriminations such as racism, ableism, trans- and queerphobia, classism, and ageism. Therefore, listening to each other, acknowledging experiences, recognizing knowledge, and expanding perspectives is crucial.

Forming feminist alliances! We deepen networks with those fighting for the same goals. Together, we are strong.

We collectively oppose rising nationalist tendencies and attacks on feminist and equality-oriented movements. 2024 is an election year: in local, regional, and European contexts. We call for building and strengthening feminist alliances on a foundation of respect and tolerance to stand against a future marked by violence and right-wing terror!

For a life without fear!

Our aim is to create a non-violent, meaningful, and seld-determined daily life for everyone! Article 3 of the Basic Law must be implemented: „All people are equal before the law. (…) No one may be prejudiced or favored because of their sex, descent, race, language, homeland and origin, faith, or religious or political views. No one may be prejudiced because of their disability.“


FLINTA and Women*

Language is always evolving and reflects societal changes. We use the term women* because some may not be familiar with FLINTA, and we aim to reach as many as possible. Similarly, we recognize gender diversity outside the binary system as inherent. The patriarchy disadvantages anyone outside the (cis-) male norm – and as women and FLINTA, we unite against it!

MINTA stands for: Girls, Inter, Non-binary, Trans, and Agender persons.

FLINTA stands for: Women, Lesbians, Inter, Non-binary, Trans, and Agender persons.

Fundamentally, the term FLINTA refers to gender identities, not sexual or romantic life forms. The ‚L‘ includes Lesbians, acknowledging their significant contribution to women’s and queer movements.